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Calling Actions from Copilot Studio

looping a question based on input

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Hi I am new to power virtual agents and power automate, I want to call an action  based on user input for instance a user can provide an input as an integer and based on that integer the user provides, I want to ask the same question until question count is equal to the integer provided by user, I have tried the implementation not sure how to pass variables and execute the looping does power virtual agents and power automate have this functionality :




Bot: How many buildings do you own?

User: 2

Bot: What is your 1 of 2 first pc's name?

User: Main building

Bot: Okay , What is your 2 of 2 first pc's name?

User: Small building



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    Re: looping a question based on input

    Hi @mahambabp 

    You could set a variable "count" that you increment each time in a loop and compare it with the initial variable "userInput" using a powerFX formula as a condition and use the "go to step" instruction to loop on your questions


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