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Permissions Problems with Power Automate

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In Copilot Studios I have been attempting to use a Custom Controller I have made in Power Automate. It was working successfully on 9/05/2024. However, attempting to run it today has resulted in the following error message appearing: 


Attempting to select Review also only leads me to a page telling me I don't have the permissions.
Regarding the Connector itself, it is a very basic Custom Connector I am attempting to use.


So I am a little bit confused, as if this were a permissions issue, surely I wouldn't have been able to make this work last week in the first place? Has anything changed in Copilot recently? 

If not, does anyone have any ideas? 

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    JamesThornton1 5 on at
    Re: Permissions Problems with Power Automate

    Thanks for the link. Following the chain of logic here, I was able to get my requests working again so I could at least run my requests. I had to make a Flow in Power Automate to get this done specifically, rather than using the Connector directly in Copilot.  

    However, it didn't answer why it stopped working in the first place - as it was working perfectly fine at the beginning.

    I will also note that this requires that you are doing this via a Flow in Power Automate. If you try to use the Connector directly in Copilot like I was initially doing, then this solution doesn't work (as I couldn't find an equivalent option in the Connector section).

  • Re: Permissions Problems with Power Automate

    Hi @JamesThornton1 ,


    Please take a look at this post.


    Best Regards,


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