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Adaptive card won't scale its width

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I am using the following adaptive card:


 "type": "AdaptiveCard",
 "body": [
 "type": "Image",
 "width": "1300px",
 "height": "970px",
 "url": ""
 "$schema": "",
 "version": "1.0"


The issue is that, even thought it does scale in height, it doesn't get and bigger width as shown:


PD: added msTeams full width and I't wont be scaled to the entire width of the screen, It will be wider but not the entire width


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    Re: Adaptive card won't scale its width

    Hi @JuanArango 

    There is a max width even in Teams (not sure what the actual limit is). I would recommend you use the property "allowExpand" so that users can click on the image and open it in full screen from Teams.


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