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Is it possible to have a test and prod bot in PVA Teams?

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We are building a PVA Bot within Teams. We'd like two copies of it, one that we are developing and one more stable version that is open for wider use. I know you can use solutions in the web PVA but with Teams PVA can I copy the bot to another "live/prod" channel? Is it possible to do some sort of light ALLM within Teams?

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    Re: Is it possible to have a test and prod bot in PVA Teams?

    @kmankash55 , while you can only have one environment per team, you can create two teams, one dev and one prod team to have two environments.  The only limitation is those will all be unmanaged solutions.  To get full ALM capability that supports managed solution you can upgrade the environment to a Dataverse full.


    You can export your bot along with your flow from test team into prod team.  Documentation below has more detail:

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    Re: Is it possible to have a test and prod bot in PVA Teams?

    Unfortunately not. PVA has no environment separation of DEV, QAs and PRD.
    The tip I give you is to create two distinct teams, for example

    Hi @kmankash55 
    After your BOT is in production, all new flows should be created and tested in DEV/QAS, after all the tests you or your team can create them in the productive environment so it does not impact the users that are already using the PRD environment.

    Remembering that the process has to be done manually.

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    Re: Is it possible to have a test and prod bot in PVA Teams?

    Normally, the test and prod bots would be in different environments, but in PVA for Teams there is only one environment per Team.  So its not possible to duplicate the same kind of test and prod that you have in web PVA.  This would also make it difficult to just copy the bot and deploy it as production.  After copying it you would need to change a lot of things to keep it from still being connected to the original test bot.

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