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chatbot doesn't work in teams

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I got a chatbot working pointing to an internal SharePoint site.  From the copilot studio it works great, and I am able to get responses that directly relate to the information in that SP site.  I figured out how to publish it to Teams, and I have the app loaded into Teams.  No matter what I type into the Teams chatbot, the only response I get is "Escalating to a live agent is not currently configured for this bot, however this is where the bot could provide information about how to get in touch with someone another way. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

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    citron-truc 395 on at
    Re: chatbot doesn't work in teams

    That is indeed the case. You will need to configure security in Azure Entra ID.
    Here is a bit of documentation that can help.

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    Greg14 12 on at
    Re: chatbot doesn't work in teams

    I have done further digging and this is a common issue.  I believe the root problem is people (me too) published using Teams and Power Apps and that blocks Sharepoint. The Teams setup makes sense, but it does state "All other channels will be blocked" I believe Sharepoint qualifies for this. I have not tried, but I believe configuring Manual (for custom website), will be required to get it to pull the Sharepoint data into Teams. See this for configuration documentation



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    Greg14 12 on at
    Re: chatbot doesn't work in teams

    Yes, I have the same thing.  I'm connected to a Sharepoint site, works fine in testing, pushed to Teams and it does not appear to be able to access the Sharepoint data.  My assumption is that there is a problem with the cross-wiring where Teams doesn't actually have access to Sharepoint.  So when you and I each pushed our respective bots live, the security settings in Teams basically blocked the bot from seeing Sharepoint.  In my case it should all be the same MS environment, I assume you have a similar deal?  Does anyone know if there is a super obvious setting I should look for or recommend to my IT guy?


    To you second point re the live agent, that's one of the default plugins that triggers if it can't answers something like 3 straight questions.  It sort of gets stuck in that loop until you ask it something it knows.  You can turn that off under plugins.

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