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Republishing a bot

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I've built a simple bot in PVA, and added it to Teams. When I update the topics in PVA and republish, the responses in Teams don't reflect the changes. The App ID stays the same so removing the bot from the Teams app and re-adding it has no effect. It doesn't look like the bot's topics and responses have changed since the first ever publish.


I can't find any documentation about this. I hope I don't have to delete the App ID every time I update the bot then update the Teams App manually.

  • micchow Profile Picture
    micchow on at
    Re: Republishing a bot

    Thank you for using Power Virtual Agents.  Our documentation has been updated to clarify how publishing bot content works with existing Teams conversations:


    Currently PVA bots only support 'Personal' scope so chatting with the bot in channels/group chat is not supported.  This ability is on our road map in future release.  Thank you.

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    Ashish2012 484 on at
    Re: Republishing a bot

    Facing the same issue in Teams, Not sure why new topics are not publishing instantly. 

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    WillPage 1,765 on at
    Re: Republishing a bot



    I still cannot access topics I created last week when in a Teams channel, but in the private chat it's perfect. The odd thing is, in the Teams channel, it doesn't even understand the greeting



    ..but it can understand when I want a Chuck Norris joke (the power of Chuck perhaps?):



    I think there's more to it than just a timeout on old conversations. I've removed and re-added the bot to the team a few times, restarted Teams and even completely removed the bot from the whole org using my admin account and re-added it. Even some new topics I add show up, but older ones never do. The greeting is built in and it doesn't pick that up properly.

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    renatoromao 6,762 on at
    Re: Republishing a bot

    We don't have yet the documentation explaining how can you clean cache, but you can try to run CTRL + F5 sometimes in the browser and you can wait until 24 hours (normally Microsoft use this time clean completely cache of the tools). And you can close the Microsoft Teams and open again.


    I created the idea:


    When I see something like that, I send it here. 🙂 

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