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Approval in Teams Admin Center not coming through?

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I have submitted version 1.0.0 of my Power Virtual Agents Teams chatbot to "Show to everyone in my org". That went through to the Teams Admin center, but did take about 2 hours before it appeared and after that, before it would allow me to approve it.


There was a problems with the app's icon so I submitted a second version. After waiting three hours nothing had appeared. I tried publishing and submitting again and I am now waiting on version 1.0.3 to be approved but nothing is showing in Teams Admin Center.


The Show to everyone in my org panel in the PVA app shows:



Version 1.0.3

Waiting for approval



Version 1.0.0

Published by your organization


In the Teams Admin center I see the Chatbot is Published as version 1.0.0 but nothing the Pending approval panel on the Manage apps page says 0 Updated custom apps and opening the Chatbot app is not giving me the button to approve it. I am a Teams Administrator and my Global Admin has confirmed they see the same as myself.


The Pending approval panel did flash up briefly on two occasions that there was 1 custom app requiring approval, and opening the app on the Manage apps page did show the approve button, but clicking it did nothing and when I refreshed the page it disappeared, still on version 1.0.0 and no longer reporting any apps awaiting approval.



How long should it take for a Teams app approval to come through for my PVA chatbot? So far it has been about 15 hours. Is there anything I can do? 

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    Re: Approval in Teams Admin Center not coming through?

    Got the answer: it was 'some time'.


    If any help in the future, this is what happened.


    First publish - 2 hours to appear on Teams Admin Center and allow approval

    Second publish (first update) - 27 hours

    Third publish (second update) - 2 hours


    During the wait, Teams Admin center would occasionally report that the app had an update to approve. Going to the page would reveal the Publish update button but an error message appears at the top of the screen "We can't get details related to this app. Try again. If you continue to have problems, contact Microsoft customer support.". Refresh the page and the update would disappear most of the time so I guess it just was not ready. One time refreshing did remove the error message and was able to approve the chatbot app, so it is worth giving that a try.


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