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Looking to query service now from the bot

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I am trying to query service now ticket statuses from the PVA. How can I do this? 

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    Re: Looking to query service now from the bot

    Hello @treed779,

    First of all, you create a topic so that the user can inform the number he wishes to consult, in servicenow the demands, requests and incidents are in different tables so make it clear what type of consultation the user can perform.
    Then build a Power Automate to effectively perform the query.
    You can do the status query in servicenow in two ways, using the native ServiceNow connector, where first you have to list the records in the table, passing as parameter the record number, here follows an example with an incident: 







    After the query all information related to the number searched will be available.


    The second option, and the one I recommend, is via HTTP request, where you query your ServiceNow quickly and objectively.




    To query from other tables just change the table name, the parameters are the same.


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    Re: Looking to query service now from the bot

    You can do this with a flow connector in PVA


    and the ServiceNow Power Platform connector:


    I would recommend that you try using slot filling and a regex entity for your ServiceNow ticket id

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