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Export Analytics underlying data

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Dear community,

We are trying to analyse the customer satisfaction per conversation and I was hoping we could get that indicator when we export the data.

The option "underlying data" appears as grayed out, even though I am accessing the bot with the owner account.

Is there any way to get the customer satisfaction indicator per topic + conversation ID?


thank you,




  • renatoromao Profile Picture
    renatoromao 6,762 on at
    Re: Export Analytics underlying data

    Hi @LaBrowne ,


    All conversation using the Demo site published is stored on the Conversation Transcript entity.

    But you need to wait for 6 hours after this conversation.

  • LaBrowne Profile Picture
    LaBrowne on at
    Re: Export Analytics underlying data

    The data 'conversationTranscript' is empty. I have 2 bots. They are published and at least tried out in the demo site. So there should have some conversations already. Do I need to configure for the conversations to be saved? Or does it only collect conversations after it is 'deployed' to any channels?

  • renatoromao Profile Picture
    renatoromao 6,762 on at
    Re: Export Analytics underlying data

    Hi @Anonymous ,


    You can use this documentation:

    You can extract all conversation transcripts and inside the transcript, you can identify errors and issues with conversation Id.

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