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Manage 2 different bots

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I already have an active bot developed with Power Virtual Agents, that focuses on clients.

How can I create a new one?

I don't want to use the same entity as the one that is already working because it's for a different audience...

Is it possible to have 2 different bots from the same account?

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    Re: Manage 2 different bots

    Hi @Anonymous,


    Are you creating them from the Web App or have you created the bot from Microsoft Teams?


    As far as I am aware there is no limitation on the number of bots you can create from the Web App. And you can have 50 bots per Microsoft Teams team:


    It should be possible to create a new one with the new bot button from (make sure you select the correct environment where you want to create it in):


    As you can see in the screenshot I have done that as well in one of my environments in my development tenant. I currently have 38 bots which have been created by one account 😁



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