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Calling Actions from Copilot Studio

Limit of data returned to Plugin Action from Flow?

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Hi Team,


What is the limit to return data back to copilot from a plugin action? It seem's that you cannot return back list of items with more than 10 rows. The list returned back has 11 columns and if I try to return more rows it fails with a system error. It seems that there is some string (text) length limitations when data is returned back to copilot studio. Is there documentation on these limitations?


It's really very simple plugin action.


<fetch count="10">
<entity name="mserp_inventonhandaientity">
<attribute name="mserp_itemnumber" />
<attribute name="mserp_calculatedavailablephysical" />
<attribute name="mserp_dataareaid" />
<attribute name="mserp_productcolorid" />
<attribute name="mserp_productconfigurationid" />
<attribute name="mserp_productsizeid" />
<attribute name="mserp_productstyleid" />
<attribute name="mserp_siteid" />
<attribute name="mserp_warehouseid" />
<condition attribute="mserp_itemnumber" operator="eq" value="Some item number" />
<condition attribute="mserp_dataareaid" operator="eq" value="sun" />
<condition attribute="mserp_calculatedavailablephysical" operator="ne" value="0" />
<order attribute="mserp_siteid" />
<order attribute="mserp_warehouseid" />




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