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User individual analytics

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I have searched in the forum regarding the individual user analytics, it seems that PVA analytics are not very optimized yet.


I would like to see the number of users who used the bot, EVEN IF the user has  started the session with a keyword and not a greeting word, i.e. Hello, Hi.... Today we only have  the transcripts  but this does not work for the case where the user starts the conversation with a keyword 😉


any workaround?


thank you,

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    Re: User individual analytics

    There are a couple of approaches you can take to generate metrics on the number of users. From you post it sounds like you may be displaying a variable in the greeting message to indicate the user, then processing the transcripts.

    If your bot is using the web channel, you can modify the canvas to set an id representing the user in Activity.From.Id field. This field gets written to the conversation transcript. Another approach is to modify the canvas to always send the greeting.

    With the release of the unified canvas, there are a couple of other options.

    • The Conversation Start topic will run every time a new conversation is started.
    • You can add node to each triggerable topic that logs an event with a variable representing the user. 

    The above approaches assume you have a way of identifying the user. With a bot using authentication, there are system variables that can be used. For unauthenticated users, this usually involves having the canvas write a cookie, and then passing an id, usually through the Activity.From.Id field. 

    Besides the idea forum, you can also submit requests via The product team uses input from both the ideas forum and the feature requests link to help inform the team on what features should be worked on next.

    -- Mike Bonincontri

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