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Add synonym / like to same document

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I have created my first Copilot,  I added references to our internal sharepoint site.

When I test the chat OOB, I search for a topic directly from one of the documents stored in sharepoint, it gives me the correct document link.

But I want the users to be able to be able to type in variations and return the same document link.


This sounds so simple, but I cannot figure out how to do it.

I have created a topic, but then when I test, it does not return the reference to the correct document.

It seems to give me general results not related to anything in our sharepoint library.


So confused

  • myintuition Profile Picture
    myintuition 2 on at
    Re: Add synonym / like to same document

    Sure, I have linked 2 sharepoint sites to the copilot.

    I have no topics or nothing at this point.

    So I type in and exact title of one of the documents   "How to create a time entry".

    So it is searching, and (Usually) brings back the correct document with the steps to create the time entry.

    But not everyone calls them time entry, some of our staff refer to it as timesheets.

    But If I type in "How to create a timesheet" it brings back some text from the internet (not on our sharepoint).


    If I enter a topic it and make sure timesheet is in the list.  I get the same results.  Internet stuff not from our sharepoint library.



  • adilei Profile Picture
    adilei on at
    Re: Add synonym / like to same document

    Can you provide some more context, examples? 

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