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How to duplicate a Copilot?

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Hello adilei


I am looking at your solution 

02 Jan 2024 at 22:12:384.


4. Create a new copilot/bot from the template you have just exported, using the following command:


pac virtual-agent create --SchemaName prefix_destinationBotName --TemplateFileName sourceBot --displayName DESTINATION_BOT_NAME --solution SOLUTION_NAME --environment ENVIRONMENT_ID



Couple of things to note here:

  • SchemaName is used to create the copilot's Dataverse table, so it must include a prefix followed by an underscore
  • TemplateFileName refers to the file exported in step (3)
  • The "solution" parameter refers to a solution that already exists in the environment


So how do I get the A. SchemaName adn B. "solution" parameter please



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