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Disable Escalation Topic

Posted on by 35

Now, I've seen this asked previously but none of the results seem to have a satisfactory answer.


We are not providing a service where the user can be escalated to a live human from our bot. How can we stop the system topic 'Escalate' from being triggered manually by the user?


I realise we can modify the content of the escalate topic to tell the user something, although we cannot alter the trigger phrases. However, this isn't really a solution as we just simply want to stop the escalate topic from being able to be triggered in the first place.



  • peterswimm Profile Picture
    peterswimm on at
    Re: Disable Escalation Topic

    We hear your feedback and plan to address this in a future update.

  • jase Profile Picture
    jase 35 on at
    Re: Disable Escalation Topic

    Thanks for the response. We will alter the content of the escalate topic as a workaround. However, it is a shame that this is one of a few examples of a lack of control within PVA. We like it and are using it, but there are various aspects that seem a little prescribed by Microsoft rather than allowing users/developers the ability to choose the own course of action. There are many different scenarios, so this lack of control is sometimes frustrating.


    Thanks again though and I appreciate the response.

  • Verified answer
    peterswimm Profile Picture
    peterswimm on at
    Re: Disable Escalation Topic

    A workaround is just sending the escalation request to another topic. You SHOULD handle such requests (in fact this is becoming law in some areas), but you can write a custom message like "sorry I can only answer x questions" and send it back to the main menu, or another topic.

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