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Events bot with dynamic population of all nodes or similar

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One of the copilots we're building is an event bot. We have had two events and were shown here how to duplicate and reuse the same structure. However, we will have an indefinite number of events coming which our users will interact with our bots for.

I'm wondering if there is a way to dynamically populate the text for all the nodes based on an event selection. So that we can reuse the same bot structure. My first thought was to load all the date from a spreadsheet or db at the start of each node. And just use variables.

Another thought is to tap in to dataverse in some way to have a dynamic eventid populate the needed info. No idea if this would be possible, but the thought is there to look into it.

The next thing I thought of was the localization file. If there is something similar where would could have multiple copies for each event somehow, perhaps building a power app to administrate this in dataverse.

Just wondering the feasibility of these ideas or if there is somethign else that is more straight-forward.

Anyone try something like this yet?

Thanks for any tips.

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    wswitzer 74 on at
    Re: Events bot with dynamic population of all nodes or similar

    This is great, thanks! I'll look into it further and if I find anything helpful with it I'll post it here.


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    adilei on at
    Re: Events bot with dynamic population of all nodes or similar

    Just an idea: manage the list of events in a DB (e.g. Dataverse). On conversation start, load just the content relevant for the context (a specific event) into a global table variable in Copilot Studio. There should be an identifier for each message, and the identifier should be uniform across the different events - so identifiers are the same, but the text changes between events.


    Before sending a message to the user, retrieve the message content from the table variable using the PowerFX 

    LookUp function. For example:






    In this example messageText is retrieved and can be returned to the user 



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