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Chatbot name showing as GUID

Posted on by 14

Hello Power Virtual Agent Community,

I hope you can help please. I'm new to PVA, just created my first one. 

I've published the chatbot and posted it to a Microsoft Teams channel. What I'm noticing is in a chat the Chatbot's name is correct, but in each message it shows a GUID rather than the name of the Chatbot. 


Any idea why this is happening please and how to fix it?

Thanks very much,


  • MartinMorrelo Profile Picture
    MartinMorrelo 8 on at
    Re: Chatbot name showing as GUID

    @GarryPope Hi Garry, any updates from MS please?? We have the same problem and it is very urgent 😞

    Thank you,

  • Garry Pope Profile Picture
    Garry Pope 14 on at
    Re: Chatbot name showing as GUID

    Hello @Expiscornovus,

    Again, thanks for your help.

    I had a look at the post and a Microsoft staff member said this was fixed in December 2019, and from what I read it says only bots deployed before the fix needs updating, but I might be wrong. And there are posts from people in 2021 saying they have the same problem. I raised a ticket with Microsoft and will post their reply here. 

    Thanks very much!

  • Expiscornovus Profile Picture
    Expiscornovus 1,708 on at
    Re: Chatbot name showing as GUID

    Hi @GarryPope,


    I have seen this a couple of times on these forums. For some people the instructions described in this thread helped out:


    Hope this helps a bit?

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