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SystemError Power Virtual Agent

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Just got this message, my bot in Power Virtual Agents was working just fine all the time, up to this morning:
Sorry, something went wrong. Error code: SystemError. Conversation ID: e33de7e2-d5dd-45b0-8b39-b92ad9097894. Time (UTC): 10/6/2023 8:47:03 AM.

Is it something on my end? Bot was working previously just fine.

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    nesrivastava on at
    Re: SystemError Power Virtual Agent

    Hi @durak86lol Can you republish the bot and let me know if that works. 

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    Robulane on at
    Re: SystemError Power Virtual Agent


    I would highly encourage you to open a ticket to Microsoft support.

    Such error is possible if your tenant admin has removed the bot app in your tenant. To ensure that your app is still there, you can do this simple steps:
    1. On the left nav go to SEttings -> BotDetails -> Advanced

    2. Copy Bot app Id value
    3. Open Azure portal: App registrations - Microsoft Azure
    4. Go to "All applications" and try to paste value in the search textbox. 
    5. Normally, you should see your app there

    If you don't see your app, then try looking into "Deleted applications' tab. If you find your app there, try restoring it.

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