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Microsoft Copilot in Teams isn't working

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When I test the chatbot I created in Power Virtual Assistant, it works just fine. The second I access it from the app in my Teams account, though, it just doesn't work. It isn't connected at all to the topics and triggers that I entered in Copilot. Where is this disconnect? What do I need to do to fix it?

Screenshot 2024-05-29 142011.pngScreenshot 2024-05-29 Chatbot Test.png

  • dttigger88 Profile Picture
    dttigger88 55 on at
    Microsoft Copilot in Teams isn't working
    what is your knowledge source?
  • CU21060653-0 Profile Picture
    CU21060653-0 2 on at
    Microsoft Copilot in Teams isn't working
    I am having similar issues. I am able to successful test the bot on Microsoft Copilot studio. however after I deploy it to Teams, the bot does not respond to any messages. Anyone can help please?
  • Timothy Lynch Profile Picture
    Timothy Lynch 11 on at
    Microsoft Copilot in Teams isn't working
    I have found this issue and traced it to one or two settings. 
    1. In security - make sure you have auth setup right, so that when it is in Teams it behaves.  
    2. In Gen Ai area - use the classic - when I try the previews, things so sideways 
  • RB-19061417-0 Profile Picture
    RB-19061417-0 2 on at
    Microsoft Copilot in Teams isn't working
    Ok. Good to know I'm not the only one. What isn't that good is that no answers have been issued in all these time. Weird since all the efforts from the Microsoft side of things is put towards AI services and Copilots everywhere...
  • teylyn Profile Picture
    teylyn 4 on at
    Microsoft Copilot in Teams isn't working
    I have the same issue. I created a Custom Copilot which works absolutely fine in Copilot Studio. I publish it and run it in Teams and all it says is "I'm sorry, I'm not sure how to help with that. Can you try rephrasing?"
    It's as though it doesn't have access to the defined knowledge source when it runs in Teams, but in Studio it works fine.
  • cstats Profile Picture
    cstats 4 on at
    Re: Microsoft Copilot in Teams isn't working

    Just to add to this question: When someone puts in the EXACT trigger phrases, the bot doesn't answer the question. But when I test it in Copilot Studio, it works just fine.

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