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Wrong Bot Name in Teams Installation

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I have a bot I have published to Teams, but during development, the name was updated to match the final branding of the product. However, the name that shows up in Teams when a user tries to install the bot from the link provided in the Channels section of PVA is the original name, not the updated one. To add to the confusion, after the installation of the bot, the name in the Teams chat itself is correct, but the name on the left side menu is the incorrect name. 

How do I get the metadata to reflect the current name, and not the original name?

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    PowerPuffKK 84 on at
    Re: Wrong Bot Name in Teams Installation

    Hey @dnickgt16 ,


    After publishing the bot with the new name, it can take up to 72 hours for the name to be reflected in the App Store, sometimes even longer for the new name to appear in the direct chat with the bot if you've previously interacted with it (sometimes you also get the really long GUID of the bot for a while).


    The quickest way to resolve this which works every single time for me is by clearing the local Teams cache on your computer. First, close your MS Teams and then go to the following folders:


    Application Cache – %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\Application Cache

    Blob_Storage  – %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\Blob_Storage (If there)

    Cache – %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\Cache

    databases – %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\databases

    IndexedDb – %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\IndexedDB 

    GPUCache  – %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\GPUCache

    LocalStorage  – %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\LocalStorage

    Tmp – %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\tmp


    And remove EVERYTHING in those folders (this will not affect any of your chats etc., this is just local cache). Re-open Teams and within 5-10 mins, the new name will automatically appear.


    Hope this helps ☺

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    Sean2030 2 on at
    Re: Wrong Bot Name in Teams Installation

    I've had the same experience. In my case the name was changed while waiting for administrative approval to publish to the enterprise. Once approved, the name didn't get updated. Interestingly as the bot logic was updated and published (after approved for the enterprise), the changes were visible in Teams. What we did was re-submit for admin approval, when we did, the version incremented and the name updated.

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    Expiscornovus 1,708 on at
    Re: Wrong Bot Name in Teams Installation

    Hi @dnickgt16,


    You mean when it pinned as an app in Microsoft Teams on the left nav bar it shows the incorrect name. Let me see if I can reproduce this in my demo environment.


    In the meantime it might be a good idea to raise a ticket with the Microsoft Support team about this issue:



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    dnickgt16 2 on at
    Re: Wrong Bot Name in Teams Installation

    Yes, many times. I've made updates, republished, disconnected/reconnected. made subtle edits to the name to resubmit, nada.

    The name in the chat shows up correctly, but the app that's installed on the side menu is what is incorrect. Very strange.

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    Expiscornovus 1,708 on at
    Re: Wrong Bot Name in Teams Installation

    Hi @dnickgt16,


    Just to double check, have you tried signing out and signing in to your Teams desktop.


    We have seen cases on this forum were this was needed after changing the name.

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