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Post development of Teams Bot, I am not able to open it.

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Hi Team, 


I have created a Bot with Teams with test environment, published it to specific team and worked flawlessly.

when I created a bot on production the Bot is not opening and instead I am getting below message.

"You do not have permissions to install this app. Please contact your IT administrator for help"


As per Teams policies configuration.

we have policies which is allowed some MS apps but blocked with third party and custom apps and also sideloading is off.

I can't see the section in the app with, built for Org name or colleague.

I have tried sharing with link, added to the Team.. so on.

I can test the Bot well in dev environment, I am the developer so it should atleast allow me.


This is exactly I had replicated over test tenant and it worked.

will app studio help ?

is there any other way to deploy the Bot.


any help will be really save me.




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    micchow on at
    Re: Post development of Teams Bot, I am not able to open it.

    Hi @Anonymous , there are three ways to deploy your bot:

    1. Via installation link or sharing with your teammates in App store built by your colleague section - this requires your Teams admin to allow Shared Power Virtual Agents

    2. Via .zip app manifest file directly - this required Teams admin to allow upload custom apps policy

    3. Submit for your admin approval to be featured in app store built by your org section


    From your post, #1 and #2 seem to be disabled by your Teams admin.  I would recommend to work with your Teams admin to see if they could allow #1 only for you and your teammates.


    Alternatively, you can do #3 following steps here:

    Once the submission is approved, your Teams admin can allow the bot only for your teammates by setting up app permission policy following steps below:


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    Pstork1 63,059 on at
    Re: Post development of Teams Bot, I am not able to open it.

    Are you the Team owner or just a Team member?

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