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Power Virtual Agents Flow Template

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I'm having trouble getting started with the PVA Flow Template.  I don't quite understand the user input and return values.


What I would like to do is create a flow that will send an email given a specific condition or user answer (e.g. If yes, then send email to an email address).  


How can I get started?  I made an attempt but got the error message "Sorry, the bot can't talk for a while. It's something the bot's owner needs to address. Error code: 3000. Conversation ID: 9qrtC7IhjF4DfY4nmzZVIb-eu. Time (UTC): 3/27/2023 10:18:16 PM".




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    Having timeouts and timed triggers is a popular request, and not something we've currently implemented in Power Virtual Agents. Because flows are treated synchronously, there's a max timeout for how long they can run which is somewhere around 90s.  After that, your flow will fail as taking too long.


    If you want to add weight to having this type of feature in the product though, please submit through .



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    Re: Power Virtual Agents Flow Template


    Really basic flow, but what I am trying to do is have the bot re-engage the conversation after a 15 minute delay for a specific reason.  The bot doesn't like much of delay more than 1 minute.  Any ideas on how fix or alternatives?





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    Can you share the Flow that you tried to create and had problems with?  The 3000 error usually means that there was a problem in the flow, and in the flow dashboard you can see recent successful/failed runs.


    There is documentation here about input and output parameters of flows that you may wish to peruse as well. Add input and output variables - Power Virtual Agents | Microsoft Learn

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