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Chat bot using an FAQ list as topics

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New to this - can I use an FAQ list from excel with my chat bot - with the first column my topic 

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    Re: Chat bot using an FAQ list as topics

    Hi @Micksciara,


    It depends a bit what you are looking for. Generally speaking you can interact with an Excel file via the Call an action step when you are designing a Power Virtual Agent topic:


    To give you an idea I created a small demonstration with an Excel File.


    1. A Excel File hosted on SharePoint. This Excel file contains a formatted table (Table1) with three columns. First column is called Topic.




    2. A Topic where the bot asks a question (multiple choices). These are the same as the topics in the Excel. The choice is stored in a varCategory which is used to lookup the question/answer pairs in the Excel file via a Power Automate flow.




    3. The Design of the flow. The Category field receives a value from the varCategory which is used in the Filter Query field of the List rows present in a table action. This is to filter the Excel file and only retrieve the correct question/answer pairs for a specific topic.


    With two expressions in the Select and the output variable the response is formatting.

    concat('**Question**: ', item()?['Question'], decodeUriComponent('%0A'), '**Answer**: ', item()?['Answer'])


    join(body('Select'), decodeUriComponent('%0A'))



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