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PVA and Azure AD User Information

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Im new to the community and hope to get some help for my first PVA project in my company.

We have more then 300 employees and most times we search for a location / room number or phone number. 


I would like to facilitate it with a PVA where i enter "phonenumber" or "roomnumber" as a trigger word and with the response of the name i get the information. The information's are stored in the Azure AD.


I sift through the discussions but didn't find the right answer.


I start with the triggers, then ask for the name witch the flow get as a variable to the flow. In the flow, i use the "Search for User" But the answer ca not be take because it needs a loop. And here is my knowledge at the end.


has anyone ever built something like this or can help me ?

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    Re: PVA and Azure AD User Information

    When you search for user in a flow it always returns a collection.  The way to proceed is to use either the first() function or a loop in the flow to extract the information you want and append it to a string variable using markdown language for formatting.  Then return that string to the bot.  Whether you use first() or a loop depends on whether you want just one user's information or several if the name isn't a perfect match.


    However, I would suggest using Office 365 User Search rather than Azure AD.  The Azure AD connector will require elevated permissions that may complicate the process.

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