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Can a user upload an attachment

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I want to build an Power Virtual Assistants to handle sick leave in my company.

I want that the employee can upload an doctor's confirmation if he got one.
Is there a possibility to do this in Virtual Assistants?

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    MikeGorbachep 10 on at
    Re: Can a user upload an attachment

    Hi Renato, lookslike this solution is suitable for my use case (same with thread creator usecase). But could you please elaborate more and easier for non tech user like me?

    a. So is this solution can work on PVA on microsoft teams?
    b. The storage itself can moved to sharepoint folder? I want the file on sharepoint folder instead of azure blob.

    thank you for your assistance!

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    renatoromao 6,762 on at
    Re: Can a user upload an attachment

    @Anonymous ,


    Yes, I hope in the future we can do it inside the PVA. 🙂

    Please accept this reply as the solution to help more users.


    Renato Romão

  • Re: Can a user upload an attachment

    Thank you, but unfortunately I am not that tech savvy that I can implement your suggestion...

  • Verified answer
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    renatoromao 6,762 on at
    Re: Can a user upload an attachment

    Hi @Anonymous ,


    Yes, you can use the Bot Framework to do it.

    While Microsoft provides better in-app support for this, you can do the following,


    1. Deploy a custom web-canvas (see documentation) that supports attaching images / files
    2. Upload the image / file to your own Azure Blob storage
    3. Send the URL as a message activity (response to a question node) so that it gets assigned to a variable
    4. Use that URL in Flow / Skills to achieve your desired outcome

    Microsoft provided a github sample that attempts to mimic this capability.


    Using only Power Virtual Agents, you can vote here:


    If you like this reply, please give kudos. And if this solves your problem, please accept this reply as the solution.

    Renato Romão

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