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How to integrate orchestration workflow project in language studio with PVA using Power Automate flow

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Hi, PVA community,

I'm trying to connect to an orchestration workflow project in Language Studio so that I can create a Topic in PVA and use Power Automate flow to combine them together. The logic is that receive input from PVA, send the input to the orchestration workflow project and get the outcome, then send back the outcome to PVA so that we can use this project in my PVA bot. 


First of all, I would ask this question generally, is there a way to integrate orchestration with PVA? I have searched for standard ways or templates of integration in power automate flows, but I didn't find any existing examples. So, if you know there is a standard way to do it, please let me know, thanks.


Secondly, I came up with a way which is using HTTP action to create a flow so that I can send a POST request to my orchestration project, and I did create the flow successfully and I tested it and it can give me the correct outcomes. But the only issue I'm facing right now is that when I integrate this flow into a topic and use it in the PVA bot, I will get this error: Sorry, the bot can't talk for a while. It's something the bot's owner needs to address. Error code: 2001. 


Let me share two images with you, the first one is the power automate flow I created and the testing result. 


The second one is the topic used in the PVA bot


As you can see, it passed the flow action but it didn't return the outcome to the PVA bot only. 

If you know how to fix it, please share the solution with me, thank you in advance.

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