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Clarification Required on MS Teams Chatbot Deployment from Copilot Studio Trial Version

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Hi Everyone, 

Seeking  advice regarding a MS Teams chatbot we've developed using Copilot Studio's trial version.

Our concern is whether launching the chatbot at the organization level might lead to service interruption once the 30-day trial period expires. We are currently in discussions to acquire a full license with Microsoft, but the process may extend beyond the trial's expiration. However we want to go live in the mean time on with what we have developed.

Request your guidance on:
1. Will there be any disruption in the chatbot's functionality after the trial period expires?
2. Should we anticipate a suspension of the chatbot's services due to the trial nature of the software?
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    Clarification Required on MS Teams Chatbot Deployment from Copilot Studio Trial Version
    If the bot was developed using a Trial license of Copilot Studio that won't cover the use of the bot in a production implementation in Teams. For that you need a tenant license.  Copilot Studio bots are licensed based on message consumption when in production. The Trial license you have is for developing the bot, not for deploying it in production.  So the expiration of the trial would have no effect on the use of the bot in production. But if you don't have a tenant license you won't be able to run the bot in production anyway.  This article explains the difference between a user license (which is what the trial license is) and a tenant license. Assign user licenses and manage access - Microsoft Copilot Studio | Microsoft Learn

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