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Share Bot (PVA) with colleagues

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Hi all!

I have a bot created in PVA. I would like to give an access to this bot for my colleagues to allow them to edit topics. Is it possible and how?

And another question - does PVA support roles? For an example can I give an access to someone just to edit topics without access to create new topics or delete the bot?

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    jojinovels 12 on at
    Re: Share Bot (PVA) with colleagues



    I am a new Virtual Assistance and love to learn more. Thanks for Posting.

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    Thank you.





  • Re: Share Bot (PVA) with colleagues

    Hi @Anonymous 


    The current plan is to get this functionality to GA in June 2020


    See more here:



  • Re: Share Bot (PVA) with colleagues

    This capability is important for our development. Without co-author capability we need to create a shared user account. For customer implementations this will not be allowed.

    I do not see on the roadmap when this feature is expected. Can you point out where it is?

  • Verified answer
    Re: Share Bot (PVA) with colleagues

    Hi @KCh


    We do plan to bring functionality to share bots with your colleagues so that you can co-author a bot. 


    For more details, check out our roadmap available at:



    Michael Vakoc

    PM @Power Virtual Agents

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    JoeGill 175 on at
    Re: Share Bot (PVA) with colleagues



    Sorry - not see anything on sharing access to Topics as yet



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