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Want to make a bot that can search through a SharePoint List and return ID of matches.

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Hello.  I have years of "closed tickets" from an IT Service Desk built on SharePoint.  Simply, I want to make a bot that can search through the "Problem" description column and the "Notes" column and return the ID of any items in the List that look like a good match.  This seems like a really common use for this capability so imagine it is possible?


Need an overview first as not played with Copilot or the model building capability.  I have just built a canvas app to act as a ticket management solution and would like users to be able to search through my closed tickets for solutions.

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    Re: Want to make a bot that can search through a SharePoint List and return ID of matches.

    You could try using the pattern described in this video. Instead of calling the ServiceNow search endpoint, use Power Automate to search over the SharePoint list, and then feed the results to Generative Answers.


    Keep in mind, though, that the quality of generative answers depends on the quality of search results and AFAIK the SharePoint search endpoint is not as sophisticated as more specialized search solutions (e,g, Azure AI Search).

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