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Send Multiple Choiceset selection as input to Power Automate

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Hello Experts,


I have been searching and looking around to get a solution to my needs. I have an "Input.ChoiceSet" from an Adaptive Card that allows me to select multiple items. The result of the selection is stored in a variable type "Table" as default. I need to send those values to a Power Automate "When Power Virtual Agents calls a flow" but the flow only admits Text, Yes/No, Number as Input.


I tried to use functions Text, ParseJSON, and JSON without success yet. Here is the Input.ChoiceSet that stores all the selectable values

"type": "Input.ChoiceSet",
"choices": [
"title": "Customer Sound",
"value": "CS"
"title": "Old Sound",
"value": "OS"
"title": "Data Sound",
"value": "DS"
"title": "Sound Blaster",
"value": "SB"
"placeholder": "Select component",
"value": "CS",
"isMultiSelect": true,
"isRequired": true,
"errorMessage": "Please, select at least one component",
"label": "Select Component(s)"



Maybe I am taking the wrong path to solve the issue but any help will be very well received.


Thanks in advance!

  • Re: Send Multiple Choiceset selection as input to Power Automate

    Hi @St4rsup,

    Thanks for your sharing.

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    St4rsup 16 on at
    Re: Send Multiple Choiceset selection as input to Power Automate

    Thanks, @Umianta for your quick answer.


    I was able to find a value from the table using the following:



    Now I need to create an array with all the values but at least I was able to get the values and pass them to power automate.



    Using the following formula I am able to get a string with all the values from the variable type Table.

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    Umianta 293 on at
    Re: Send Multiple Choiceset selection as input to Power Automate

    Hi @St4rsup 

    You can retrieve the value of a field of type Table using the First function.

    For instance, consider the following example where Var1 is a Table type variable, and I am attempting to access the Content inside the Message.



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    Cheers ,

    Umesh Khandelwal

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