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Calling Actions from Copilot Studio

Use Expression on Power Automate inside PVA (on teams)

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I´m workin in a bot using the license for teams.

So I´m on PVA inside the Teams.


I need to call and action and in this action i need to use a expression to get a length of a collection. Is it possible?


In Power Automate on Web I know how to do that, but on Teams seems not to be possible.

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    Cristofer_Humo 2 on at
    Re: Use Expression on Power Automate inside PVA (on teams)

    Thanks a lot for your comments. I closed the window where one tests the chatbot and allowed me to see the dynamic content menu.



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    Steveo32732 21 on at
    Re: Use Expression on Power Automate inside PVA (on teams)

    Edit:  I found out I could do it.  In Teams, my screen was zoomed in too far so I couldn't see the expressions.  As a side note, my colleague was able to do expressions within Teams, so I assume it is related to screen resolution.  I popped the Chatbot out into a browser window by doing Ctrl + click on the Chatbots tab.  From there, I was able to zoom out enough to see expressions.





    @GustavoDuarte  I'm not seeing a way to access expressions, either.  


    Can you tell me a bit more about your use case?  Are you making an API call and getting an array of items back?  Here are a couple options to consider.


    1.  Sometimes, the API will return the number of items in a property that you can access directly.  Can you look at your collection to see if such a property exists?

    2.  As a somewhat annoying but effective workaround, you could put your array inside an apply to each loop, increment a variable for each loop, then return the variable to PVA.  


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    Pstork1 63,059 on at
    Re: Use Expression on Power Automate inside PVA (on teams)

    One of the things you can do in PVA for Teams is to call an Action (Power Automate flow).  You can pass parameters into the flow and get a return value.  So you need to call a flow (make sure you create it from PVA so its in the right environment).  Then have the flow calculate the length of the collection and return that value.

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