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Issue with "All other conditions" feature

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Hi all,


I'm trying to build a Dictionary Bot using Power Virtual Agent (trial version).


At a certain point of the flow, I have to make a question to the user about the word meaning that he/she wants to know about.


So I added a Question right after the first trigger of the Use Case Flow, as showed below:




In the Identify I've put the "Avanade Dictionary" entity, containing all the words provided. When I add the conditions, another condition (All other conditions) is added automatically. That's ok.


I thought that this option allowed me to bring me to another scenario in case the user types a word that is not contained in the Dictionary Entity.


For example: If I type AAA, and AAA is not available in the Dictionary entity, I was supposing that the flow goes directly on the "All other conditions" slot and it followed that path. But, instead, even if I put a question or message or something else after "All the other conditions", the flow comes back to the original question.


Is there a way to delete the all other conditions slot or to add a possible workaround for my case?


Thank you so much for the help! Hope we can try to find a solution together 🙂


Have a good day




  • HilaryB Profile Picture
    HilaryB 24 on at
    Re: Issue with "All other conditions" feature

    Thanks for the reply,

    The question node is based on an Entity, exactly as Mallymont described above.

    If the users answer is not an Entity value, the condition "All Other Conditions" is never fired.


  • aparnaa Profile Picture
    aparnaa 95 on at
    Re: Issue with "All other conditions" feature

    For each of the option selected, you are supposed to steps or redirect to a topic

    Are you saying for "All other conditions" you redirected to another topic or added a message for the user and its not getting fired ?

  • HilaryB Profile Picture
    HilaryB 24 on at
    Re: Issue with "All other conditions" feature

    I know this post is old, but I am getting this same issue.

    When asking a question using an Entity, and there are no matches, the "All Other Conditions" is not fired and it just returns "Sorry, I don't understand" and asks the question again.


    Is this a know issue with Questions and entities?

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