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Corrupted conversation start topic "Crash"

Posted on by 43

Hello community, I was editing my main theme, which is the "on conversation start", I was editing an adaptable card, a popup to save as draft appears, because something had gone wrong... and the theme in general was blank, without being able to edit it and modify the code or save, when restarting the bot it does not start since that theme is damaged. I have not published the bot, since the theme is damaged.
How can I correct that specific theme? I can't even deactivate it


evidence is attached

  • Re: Corrupted conversation start topic "Crash"

    that fix worked! Awesome!

  • WilliamsL Profile Picture
    WilliamsL 43 on at
    Re: Corrupted conversation start topic "Crash"

    Hi @tmiotto ,
    What I did was the following:
    1.- Create another chatbot and go to the system theme "start conversation" copy the code from the theme, upper right corner three dots and click on open code editor, copy everything.
    2.- Paste the code in a new topic but from the chatbot with an error and that's it, the topic "When starting the conversation" was left, which had disappeared by mistake from the same topic.

    In summary, I replicated the topic of a chatbot without problems to the other chatbot with a problem, creating the same "On conversation start" trigger that had disappeared. Sorry for the English. Thanks for the reply Henry!

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    HenryJammes Profile Picture
    HenryJammes on at
    Re: Corrupted conversation start topic "Crash"

    Hi @tmiotto@WilliamsL,


    There is a known issue for which a fix is coming so that it doesn't happen again.


    For your corrupted topic, there is a way to troubleshoot it: you actually need to go to the topic record in Dataverse and fix the record by editing the YAML.


    First, navigate to this URL:



    To get the [DATAVERSE_URL]

    1. Go to the Overview page of your chatbot
    2. Click on the solution name - this will open Power Apps
    3. From Power Apps, click the Settings icon and select Advanced settings.


    Then use the search to find the corrupted topic:




    Enter the record, and copy the content of the Obi Data (data) field:




    Copy the content of the Obi Data field in a text editor or better, VS Code.


    The issue is that the YAML has empty expressions.

    So, you must find those and remove them.

    It's important you leave the indentation intact in YAML.


    For example, I had an empty title: (you may also have empty text:)



    I fixed it by removing it:



    Now copy the fixed full YAML back into the Obi Data (data) field and save.




    Back in Power Virtual Agents, your topic should work again:





  • tmiotto Profile Picture
    tmiotto 2 on at
    Re: Corrupted conversation start topic "Crash"

    I am facing a similar issue, how did you solve it?

  • WilliamsL Profile Picture
    WilliamsL 43 on at
    Re: Corrupted conversation start topic "Crash"

    I see that it is no longer there, there were 8 system issues now only 7, how can I add the trigger in "conversation start"

  • WilliamsL Profile Picture
    WilliamsL 43 on at
    Re: Corrupted conversation start topic "Crash"


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