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Strange behaviour depending on activated topic

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I'm in the process of making a proof of concept bot for my university that in the first round specializes in IT support.


I've been testing the bot on how well it handles noisy queries, in my case I use phrases from Peer Gynt.

Now the bot can handle some sentences very well, but not long ones and I don't expect it to do so either.


But I noticed that two topics usually comes up when I ask for username.

"Username and password" and "Clue" which is a software.


Now Clue has nothing to do with username so fine I'll deactivate that topic and logically the only topic left would be the correct one? So I repeat the same sentence and now the bot don't know what I'm asking for. Reactivate Clue topic and now the bot knows I'm either talking about "Username and password" or "Clue".


Seems strange that the bots ability to recognize a topic is dependent on a second topic?


Added pictures to illustrate what I mean, the bot is in norwegian but I guess you could see what I mean.

First picture is without the topic Clue which makes the bot say it couldn't understand me and the second one is with the Clue topic activated.

Peer Gynt without Clue.png

Peer Gynt with Clue.png

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