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Return many images display error for products in PVA

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Hello Experts!


I am working on a chatbot on Microsoft Teams that will help the customer find information about a product.

I have built the flow for this chatbot that will generate all the product details from a SharePoint list.

In this list, I have a Hyperlink/Picture column in Picture format that will display the product image.


The flow is fetching the right data but I am still struggling to display the products Images in the PVA message from the SP List.


In the flow, I am using the right markdown syntax which is ![IMAGE](HYPERLINK/PIC Column)

Using the abovementioned syntax with the SharePoint field column link is not working, whereas if I paste a link of an image from Azure Blob Storage, it displays the image successfully.


Is this a common issue or is there a flaw in the process?

Is it possible to achieve the above scenario by displaying images from the SharePoint list using the link that is assigned for every product in the Hyperlink/Picture column?


Please find attached images showing the chatbot flow results.

Azure BlobAzure BlobSharePoint.PNGPowerAutomateResults.PNGSP Link for the imageSP Link for the imageUsing SP List Hyperlink ColumnUsing SP List Hyperlink Column

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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    Re: Return many images display error for products in PVA

    Hi @Julien2 ,


    In my experience, this issue happens because SharePoint is a private site, you cannot access without user and password.

    So Azure Blob Storage is a public image, if you try to open the same image using inPrivate browser, you'll be able to see this image.


    I recommend you to storage images using Azure Blob Storage or any public way, instead of use SharEPoint or OneDrive.

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