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Integrating LUIS in PVA

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Hi team,


I have created a LUIS app and tested separately in power automate, works fine. When I try to call the power automate flow from the Power Virtual agent, it says : "Sorry, the bot can't talk for a while. It's something the bot's owner needs to address. Error code: 2003. Conversation ID: AKQxpC5w5fFEJqZTLHM85k-k. Time (UTC): 11/20/2020 10:23:33 AM." I have rechecked the API key, App ID and the Endpoint URL multiple times, but no luck. Could someone suggest something?

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    AlpKaraosman 17 on at
    Re: Integrating LUIS in PVA


    Could you be able to solve yourproblem? I have the same one. And not an answer yet.

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    renatoromao 6,762 on at
    Re: Integrating LUIS in PVA

    Hi @Anonymous ,


    When you are editing your workflow, please , click on the back icon to see all historic that your workflow ran.

    Open a error workflow, and try to identify what’s the problem with your flow.


  • Re: Integrating LUIS in PVA

    Hi team,


    I did try the resolutions provided. Removed, refreshed and added the flow back to the PVA. I am on a free trial subscription with Azure on an official id, is that why I get this error? I have created a LUIS app to extract the entity and intent from the utterances. Kindly see the attached file which has the details of the flow I created and the error I receive.



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    CleberM on at
    Re: Integrating LUIS in PVA

    @Anonymous  a screenshot as mentioned by @renatoromao  would help. There is definitely an exception happening with the flow run.


    If you run the topic from the Test bot within PVA, you'll get another error message that will help you a bit more. If you changed the flow since you added it, removing and adding it again might fix the issue, since PVA does not refresh the flow once added.



  • renatoromao Profile Picture
    renatoromao 6,762 on at
    Re: Integrating LUIS in PVA

    Hi @Anonymous ,


    Can you take a picture of your workflow, please?

    Maybe is missing a configuration.

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