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Change message that is displayed when a Power Automate Cloud flow gives an error

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When a Power Automate flow fails, it shows a "Sorry, the bot can't talk for a while. It's something the bot's owner needs to address. Error code:"



And then, it automatically triggers the Escalate Topic.




How can one change the message that is shown to the user? Ideally, would want to display a different than the Escalate one?


My current Escalate one is "At the moment we do not offer live chat support. Would recommend you to contact helpdesk through existing channels."


For this specific situation (problems in the flow), I would like to change to something like: "Please try your question again in 5 minutes.".


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    Re: Change message that is displayed when a Power Automate Cloud flow gives an error

    Considering that most errors are those 2min limit time-out, that is by design, and that some APIs might take longer to answer or to retrieve a given output required for a flow to progress, the user will, in most cases see the "Sorry, the bot can't talk for a while..." plus the content of the Escalate Topic.


    As in the Classic editor, at the moment, one cannot change the Trigger Phrases in the Escalate Topic, nor duplicate it, one is not able to create a Topic, different than the Escalate Topic, to handle phrases like "Talk to agent", "Call back", "Can I call", "Can I get real agent support", and so on.


    So, one can change the flow/nodes/message of the default Escalate Topic.


    For the lack of a more user-friendly approach, I've created a question ("Did your request give an error?") with Multiple choice options: YES or NO.




    That way, when a flow gives an error, the following will appear




    and if a user selects YES, then this will show up




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