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Creating and assigning a variable

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I have created a Power Automate flow that creates Incidents in ServiceNow.


I use this flow in various topics. In the main topic, to qualify the issue and creates the Incident with all its information (description, category and subcategory). In the fallback topic of my bot, when it doesn't understand the user. In this topic I don't have all the information to pass to my flow but the PVA Designer force me to specify a variable for each parameter of my flow. I also don't want to create a separate Power Automate flow as it'll make maintenability more complex having multiple flows doing the same thing.


Is there anyway to set a variable without asking the user ? For exemple, setting a default value to a variable.

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    nmk 106 on at
    Re: Creating and assigning a variable

    Thinking outside the box.. you have following three options:


    1. try changing the variables to global and pass it to power automate. You might need to put some validation in your flow to check for empty parameters
    2. Variables can be initialised via action output. Create an action to initialize the values
    3. You can create a child flow and move the core logic in that and that create two different wrappers in that way you will be maintaining the core logic only once.


    HTH- if yes then please mark this as a solution




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    renatoromao 6,459 on at
    Re: Creating and assigning a variable

    Hi @RemiChambard3 ,


    Unfortunately, not yet.

    We have a lot of ideas about it inside the Community, but we don't have a perspective to see this feature available yet.

    See more here: Ideas (

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