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Make bot available in iPad MS Teams app

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I recently published a bot in MS Teams channel, using "Create Link" option and "Built in Power Platform" option.

Our PC users have successfully installed the bot in the PC Teams app.

However, in the iPad Teams app (most of our users have corporate iPads only), the link doesn't work, and the "Built in Power Platform" option is also not visible.

How will our users install the bot in their iPad MS Teams app?



  • HenryJammes Profile Picture
    HenryJammes on at
    Re: Make bot available in iPad MS Teams app

    Awesome - thanks for confirming this worked!

  • miongb Profile Picture
    miongb 17 on at
    Re: Make bot available in iPad MS Teams app

    hi @HenryJammes .


    Happy New Year!


    Thank you for the comprehensive explanation!

    The URL workaround worked in our iPads!


    Thank you so much for the reply!

  • Verified answer
    HenryJammes Profile Picture
    HenryJammes on at
    Re: Make bot available in iPad MS Teams app

    Hi @miongb,


    So, my understanding is that, at this time, it isn't possible to install a Teams app outside of the Teams desktop or web client:


    Note: At this time, adding apps can only be done from the web and desktop versions of Teams. However, once you set up notifications or bots, they work just the same on your mobile device as on desktop. And, many of the apps you've added to tabs will appear at the top of a channel under More. App availability in mobile tabs varies by company that created the app.




    I would suggest opening a feature request for it here: Microsoft Teams · Community


    What is possible is to proactively install the Teams app to your users in advance.

    These articles should be useful:

    Once it is deployed, your users should be able to access the deployed the PVA chatbot Teams app, and also be able to chat with it:




    Also, note that once the app is deployed, that doesn't mean that users can access the app directly using the link generated from Power Virtual Agents (with this format:, as this link will try to open the Teams app page, regardless of whether it's installed or not.


    If you want your users to direclty access the chatbot through a Teams deep-link URL, there is a workaround to access the PVA chatbot as user instead of a Teams app. You can generate that URL following these steps:

    1. Get the Teams app URL from PVA



    2. Open the URL using the Teams web app



    3. Add the Teams app (or open it if it's already installed):



    4. Identify the parameter after slug= in the URL (it will look like "28:426a33c6-9a4c-4781-9e96-8c507477216e")



    5. Use the same parameter, but this URL format instead:


    5. When used on mobile, when clicking on the generated URL above, your users will directly land on the PVA chatbot chat:



    Hope that helps!

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