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can chatbot in teams how data from generative AI ?

Posted on by 95

I have created a new bot and have enabled generative AI

I have given my local sharepoint and in the testbot page its showing from sharepoint

when i try the same bot from teams its not pulling data


I wanted to know what configuration is required for enabling answering reading from sharepoint site without me having to create topics 

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    JustinOTech 3 on at
    Re: can chatbot in teams how data from generative AI ?

    In order to get the Bot to read documents from SharePoint followed HenryJammes's post, enabled authentication in Azure App registration, published the Chat Bot App and had an admin approve it in Teams Admin center, in order for the app to be visible in Teams, if I try to enable SSO the bot is not able to show the login prompt. 



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    HenryJammes on at
    Re: can chatbot in teams how data from generative AI ?

    Hi @aparnaa 


    For this scenario to work you can’t use the regular Teams Only authentication. You need Manual Authentication with specific API Permissions added.


    See this:


    Also, to keep having single sign-on (SSO), the Teams app should be deployed with the app manifest zip file, and not the one-click action from Power Virtual Agents.



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