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Viewing Copilot Transcripts in the Default Environment

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Based on the Copilot Studio official docs, we avoid building bots in the default environment as all users can access the bots transcripts.


Docs -


image (6).png


However, when testing this in our Default env, any new user that was created got 2 roles. 

1. Basic User

2. Environment maker 


Using these roles in the default environment the users were not able to access the transcripts. 


Am I missing something? or are the docs just not true?


Did something change? I recall running a similar test a few weeks ago and was able to view the transcripts. 

  • ziv_dh Profile Picture
    ziv_dh 14 on at
    Re: Viewing Copilot Transcripts in the Default Environment

    Any update by any chance? 

  • Mirega Profile Picture
    Mirega on at
    Re: Viewing Copilot Transcripts in the Default Environment

    I am checking to find out if there is a bug preventing that. In the default environment usually (like the environment maker role) roles are automatically assigned.


    Given that the default environment is hard to managed due to be accessible to everyone, the recommendation is a very valid one since it will move your citizen developers away from the default environment and into a dedicated, scoped, managed environment where you can have much more security and governance instated.

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