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Power Platform request limit from Copilot studio

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Is there a way to get a report of how many of these Power Platform requests have been used in an environment? If I understand correctly, the flow owner needs to have a valid copilot studio user license and then if the flow is triggered from copilot studio, this limit is used?
I checked the report I can get from Power Platform admin center (Resources -> Capacity -> Download reports -> Power Platform requests for licensed user) but I can only see request limits being used by my Power Automate license (40k requests). So if I have both copilot studio user license and a Power Automate per-user, are those limits combined in some way?


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    inzil2k 119 on at
    Re: Power Platform request limit from Copilot studio

    The documentation states "If a user has multiple paid licenses assigned to them, the total number of requests allowed would be the sum of requests allowed for each license". I have both Copilot studio user license and Power Automate per-user, but the 250k limit for Copilot studio is not reflected in the licensed user report. I can only see my Power Automate per-user limit in the file.

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    nesrivastava on at
    Re: Power Platform request limit from Copilot studio

    @inzil2k , Refer to this document to see if it helps you understand: Requests limits and allocations - Power Platform | Microsoft Learn

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