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Issue with Blocking Unmanaged Customizations in Copilot Studio ALM

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To implement Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) with Copilot Studio, I have designed the following configuration:

  • Development Environment: Develop and validate Copilot logic, deploy to channels. This environment is allocated with minimal resources and does not use Entra ID authentication.
  • Production Environment: Migrate Copilot from the development environment. Development is generally prohibited. Authentication is enabled.

To achieve this, I planned to adopt the preview feature for blocking unmanaged customizations in production environment and conducted verification tests.

Test Items

I performed the following tests:

  1. Confirm that exporting an unmanaged solution from the development environment and importing it into the production environment is blocked.
  2. Confirm that exporting a managed solution from the development environment and importing it into the production environment is allowed.
  3. Confirm that the imported managed solution cannot be edited.
  4. Confirm that Copilot creation is not possible in the production environment.

These tests correspond to:
a. Blocking the import of unmanaged solutions into the development environment.
b. Blocking the creation of new solution components such as apps, tables, and forms.
c. Blocking the addition of unmanaged changes to existing managed components.


The results of the above tests were as follows:

  1. Success
  2. Success
  3. Failure: Contrary to the popup displayed in the managed solution, new topic creation was possible.
  4. Failure: Copilot creation was possible in the restricted production environment, but topic creation was blocked.

We would appreciate any insights or solutions to these issues. Thank you.

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