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New Topics don't work in Teams

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So I successfully deployed the Virtual Agent in Teams and it works.

However when I add new topics, they work on the test bot, but do not work in Teams.

I have made sure to hit publish after I made the changes

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    Ashish2012 484 on at
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    micchow on at
    Re: New Topics don't work in Teams

    Thank you for using Power Virtual Agents!


    To prevent disrupting users that are already in conversation with the bot, existing conversation on Teams will not receive the latest content until it has been idle over a period of time.  New conversations with the bot on Teams will have the latest bot content the moment you publish on Power Virtual Agents.


    The documentation will be updated to clarify this behavior.


    Thank you, PM of Power Virtual Agents

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    WillPage 1,765 on at
    Re: New Topics don't work in Teams

    It's more than a long time, and it's weirdly inconsistent. I set up a PVA with a few topics yesterday, and the new topics were taking a long time to show up in the Teams app response, so I created a topic called version with a few trigger phrases like 'what version are you' and 'version' etc. and the response is a date/time I manually change every time I republish the PVA. This works fine in the test chat in PVA.


    Now in Teams, if I do a private chat with the bot and ask it the version, I get a response with the version number and date from yesterday and any new topics added since it doesn't understand.


    But if I go to a Team with the bot installed, I can ask it the new topics and I get the correct response, but it doesn't understand the version command at all.


    It's like the old version is being cached somewhere, but it's different whether the the communication is in a private chat or a team, and it flat-out ignores some topics that were added before some other ones that work OK.

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    runekjensen 8 on at
    Re: New Topics don't work in Teams

    Nevermind, found out it just take a long time to take effect

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