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My Bot Is Lost

Posted on by 162

Built a Bot that was running fine and could be engaged by everyone in my organization via private chat and @mention in channels. 

However, after changing the name of the PVA under PVA Details in the authoring screens and re-publishing, the PVA cannot be found under the new name, or, appears under the old name but with the message "you cannot send messages to this bot" in the message field. 


Whats going on here?  Its very confusing since I've ran through all of the steps I thought was necessary under publishing and Availability Options


I was very hesitant to have changed the name after seeing couple stories about Bot name changing to manifest ID etc.   Have I been bitten? 😕

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    Nicer_Atl 162 on at
    Re: My Bot Is Lost

    Thanks for the useful links @Expiscornovus .  I don't have admin privilege to the manage Teams apps dashboard, but thanks anyway for the info.

    I somehow managed to find my bot again, albeit still with some lingering name label problem.  MS Support is assisting for that problem. 


    In the end I am not sure what resolved this.  I think it was a combination of waiting for Dataverse updates and/or uninstalling the old app and installing new from the Copied Link under "Make the bot available to others".


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    Expiscornovus 29,248 on at
    Re: My Bot Is Lost

    Hi @Nicer_Atl,


    Did you manage to find the solution, or is it still an issue?


    If it is still an issue, did you have a look in the Teams Admin Centre? Was it validated/approved in the Teams Apps > Manage Apps section?


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