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How we can Override Variable value in PVA?

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Hi @HenryJammes Hope you doing well.

I have design flow in PVA where first i have two variable one is for message = Activity.text and another is  channelId =

then i use action which give me response from Power automation and this action use the two varaiable as input then i use ask a Question topic upon deciding question i use another variable which store the question text the i use go to step which is action Topic so now i want to use the message variable override with the same store question text varaibale value so it will be possible?

flow :




so the last image show when we get select question then i store this question in followupQ  varaible but i am unable to give this value to the first varaible which is message  so action will use this variable as input. 


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    Maxmellien 37 on at
    Re: How we can Override Variable value in PVA?

    I was not able to override so i store the selected question in variable and again intilized the action and this time i use the new varaibe and upon incomming reponse i use " go to step" , the step next to the first action in flow and  it worked perfect.


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    adilei on at
    Re: How we can Override Variable value in PVA?

    I'm not sure I follow the logic. Variable A is initialized, used as an input for a Power Automate flow, and then A needs to be assigned a new value?

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