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I need to add my coworker as the manager of my bot, but I can only add security groups, not individuals.


My coworker and I are in the same security group. From my understanding, if my account is deactivated, Microsoft will transition my coworker from manager to owner of the bot.


I built my bot using PVA in Teams - below is the page I see on the web and Teams, which doesn't currently allow me to add an individual:



Thanks you!

  • Re: Add New Owner

    Thanks @Mirega !


    It was created under PVA for Teams, but the only issue is that I'm the only owner of the bot, and not any of my colleagues.


    I'll be leaving my role soon, and I'm afraid that if my coworker isn't made an owner/manager, they won't be able to edit the bot once I leave, which will be very unfortunate because the whole office is using the bot, and it would cause disruptions.


    Currently I'm only able to add security groups, but not individual coworkers. This Microsoft resource shows that individual users can be made owners/managers for collaborative authoring, but I'm not able to add individuals, and it just shows me as the owner.


    Would you know how I could add my coworker as an owner/manager?

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    Re: Add New Owner

    was this bot created with a PVA full license or under the PVA for Teams license? if that is the case likely the roles within the team will have impact. please check this: Solved: Add owner to PVA created within Teams - Power Platform Community (

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