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PVA saving user outputs as list record

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Hi all,

I'm looking for saome advices about creating ChatBot that will save user inputs as items in SharePoint list.

For example I asked questions for user to provide details like First Name, Last Name, Phone Number etc.



and then after that I added an Power Automate action:


Main problems are:
How to get rid of "Title" that is mandatory.
What should be addied in Returtn values?

I have a few more details that I have to add to complete full record in SPo list. So should I add Power Automate action after collecting all the answers?


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    Re: PVA saving user outputs as list record

    Hi @Yarensky,


    Title is a system wide field of SharePoint. Probably the easiest solution is just use it and populate it with a value. I would suggest to use a concatenation of the first name and last name.


    In the return value I would add an output variable with for example the name Result. And as a value I would use "Item has been created in list". You can use that to feed back to the user that the list item creation has succeeded.


    Below is an example


    1. The flow setup




    2. The setup for the topic in the Bot



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