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PVA to assist with website navigation

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Hello! I am new to PVA and was wondering if any member of the community knows (or could point me in the right direction) if it is possible to streamline website navigation with PVA. I mean if visitors can post a question in the virtual agent chat window and get an instant response and see the page in front of them dynamically changing to the specific topic within the same tab and within the same session. I think that would greatly reduce the number of clicks required to find answers. Perhaps, could it be possible to achieve this by using the PVA capability to connect to Power Automate or to the bot frame composer?


Thank you very much for your help!

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    I am also looking for this solution, is there any way to do this?

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    TheEagleOne 2 on at
    Re: PVA to assist with website navigation

    Hello Renato,


    Thank you for your reply! I appreciate your prompt response. 


    Please correct me if I am wrong, but I assume from your message that you are referring more to the scenario where a users access a website and wants some automation of the usual tasks they handle(?) Where perhaps they use Teams, Excel, SharePoint, etc.


    What I am looking for in a nutshell is some automation for a plain site visitor like this:

    Let us say for the sake of the example that I am trying to buy something from retailer site like and as soon as I land on their main page, they have a bot who asks me:


    Bot: “Hello, how can I help you today?”

    and I respond with:

    Me: “I am planning to organize a Party for next Saturday”

    Bot: “Sure, I can help with that”

    Bot: “Do you have an account with us”

    Me: No. Just wondering what you have to offer” – The bot knows the context is already established for ‘Party’ & ‘Saturday’ from my first response --

    Bot: “Ok, please look at the page I just browsed for you” – The bot automatically “clicked” for me and navigates to the “Wedding & Party” page ( ) in the SAME tab and in the same session. No just giving me a link in the chat window where I click and kicks me out to another tab and loosing the thread of the initial session --

    Bot: “I am including some specials for the occasion” --- The bot knows my approximate time range for the event and can displays specific deals for that particular week --



    . And so on.


    Of course, the idea is not just to have the bot to navigate the website on behalf of the visitors but to try to get the visitors engage and possibly convert them into sales. All of the process I described above in addition of using cards, buttons, etc. suggested by the bot.


    Please let me know if this clarifies my question a bit more.




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    renatoromao 6,459 on at
    Re: PVA to assist with website navigation

    Hi @TheEagleOne ,


    When you said "see the page", are you referring to the bot topic questions and messages or external page (e.g.


    One of the actions available to add inside your bot is "Go to another topic", normally we do a structure below inside PVA:

    Use topics to design a chatbot conversation - Power Virtual Agents | Microsoft Docs


    Finance Bot


    1- Create a new payment

         Questions: Which is the price, what is the date... (global variable)

         Call an action: Call to Power Automate workflow to save this payment to SharePoint, Excel, or something like that
         Message: Thanks for all information, I will redirect you to generate an invoice

         Go to another topic: 2- Generate an invoice

    2- Generate an invoice

         Question: You need to send this invoice 

         Call an action: Calling Power Automate to generate this invoice

    3- Greetings

         Message: Welcome

         Question: Which action do you want... and show options around the bot

         Condition: If the user selects the New Payment option, go to another topic: 1- Create a new payment


    It's just an example.

    Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

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