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Can't seem to generate specific AI gathered info replies through custom topic

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Trying to create a custom topic that will scan a website (that I've pointed to in preview bot) or a specific page on that site and intelligently collect a list of the most relevant and useable keywords and SEO or potential chatbot terms (rather than just repetitive words it finds). However, when Copilot creates the topic (tried several different descriptions), sometimes it comes up with a message answer saying something like [list of keywords and terms], but this is the literal text response rather than the actual keywords and terms it's supposed to find and provide. Is copilot creating this the wrong way or is this type of thing not available yet with topics?

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    Chancla 2 on at
    Re: Can't seem to generate specific AI gathered info replies through custom topic

    Thanks Henry. I guess what I wanted to do is fine-tune conversation booster by adding it in a topic. For example:

    I ask the bot "keywords and terms", then it says "Please provide the URL you would like to extract keywords and terms from.". Then I provide the URL. Then the bot says "Analyzing and extracting keywords from [URL that was provided]." as one message, and then another message "Here are the top keywords and terms you requested:" and through AI conversation booster, it provides 15-20 of most relevant and useable AI analyzed keywords and terms (as programmed in the topic to do so). Then it asks if I want an additional 5-10 keywords and terms (up to 2 or 3 more times as coded in the topic).

    Basically asking (hoping) for a way to include conversation booster functionality inside a custom topic.

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    HenryJammes on at
    Re: Can't seem to generate specific AI gathered info replies through custom topic

    Hi @Chancla,


    Copilot helps you create or update topics (generating trigger phrases, messages, questions, variables, adaptive cards, etc.), but it doesn't implement automation (like a Power Automate cloud flow) that your topic would call.


    The scenario you're describing sounds closer to what the Conversation Boosters feature offers: Boost conversations (preview) - Power Virtual Agents | Microsoft Learn.

    If that doesn't cover your requirement, you would need to do a custom integration with a generative AI model - likely through a Power Automate cloud flow.



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